Fresh eggs

To guarantee the quality and freshness of our eggs, they come from free-range hens raised in sweet pastureland with a natural, certified diet. Moreover, the eggs are incubated in egg trays that are constantly kept clean.

Nutritional breads

We make sourdough bread with flour, water, bacterial cultures and natural yeasts. Working with a process of slow extended fermentation, our bread is more nutritional, beautifully coloured and easier to digest. The process provides us with a splendid blend of aromas, far better taste and a bread that keeps better.

Organic fruit and vegetables

We use organic farming to obtain top quality fruit and vegetables with unique flavours and aromas. At enoterra we are fully aware of just how important health is to our customers and that is why we make every effort to ensure that all we offer is nutritional, free form artificial chemicals and respectful to the environment.

Meat and cold cuts

We guarantee that all the meat we use in our sandwiches comes from animals which are properly tended and fed. Our aim is to source the highest quality produce, painstakingly striving to avoid any products containing artificial ingredients, harmful to human health, or that have come from production facilities in which animals are treated abusively.

Seasonal produce

All the salads and sandwiches at Enoterra are made with seasonal produce. That is why there are ingredients that can only be found at certain times of year.