Enoterra Fast Good

Enoterra is a restaurant franchise offering fast, quality, healthy, fresh food at a fair price. Amongst the most stunning of our culinary creations, you will find our Mediterranean Essence Artisan Sandwiches, Salads, Eggs, Fruit and Vegetables, Meat and Cold Cuts, all accompanied by delicious wines and juices.

Our philosophy is built around a Mediterranean Culture, respect of the environment and health. Developed by followers of the Fast Good movement, the project is led by the businessman Joaquín López and his brother, Chef Fran López, who has two Michelin stars with his award winning Restaurants Villa Retiro and Xerta Restaurant.

We are part of the Villa Retiro Group, a leading light in the hotel and catering industry. The origins of this family firm, based in Xerta (Tierras del Ebro), date back to 1930, when the forefathers of the brothers Joaquín and Fran López opened a small Tavern in La Aldea (Tarragona) called Casa Secundina.

Top quality fresh produce

At Enoterra we are aware of just how important it is to eat properly, if what we seek is to lead as healthy a life as possible. We believe in the culture and essence of the Mediterranean. That is why our olive oil is the star of the show, while our wines and fresh juice accompany all our meals.

Seasonal cuisine

At Enoterra we use seasonal produce for our salads and sandwiches. And, for that reason there are certain ingredients only available at given times of year.

Fresh eggs

To guarantee the quality and freshness of our eggs, they come from free-range hens raised in sweet pastureland with a natural, certified diet.

Nutritional bread

Our bread is made with sourdough, made from flour, water, bacterial cultures and natural yeasts. The bread we make is tasty, nutritional and easy to digest.

Organic fruit and vegetables

We farm organically to produce quality fruit and vegetables offering unique flavours and aromas.

Meat and cold cuts

We guarantee that all the meat we use in our sandwiches comes from animals which are properly tended and fed.

Children and food

Enoterra seeks to instil in children, from a very early age, an awareness of just how important it is to eat properly. We believe one of the best things we can do when bringing up children, is show them how to eat properly from the very start. We wish to convey the values of Enoterra to them: show them how to recognise quality, healthy ingredients: how to discover the origin of produce; to understand what commitment to the land and sustainability means. In short, to teach them how to enjoy quality cuisine.