Enoterra takes us back to our roots and creates artisan, healthy Mediterranean sandwiches with the very best of local ingredients, sourced from suppliers other than those normally used by the conventional fast food chains. Artisan bread, free range eggs and beef, artisan cheeses, organic fruit and vegetables, quality wines and fresh juices are just an example of the healthy, nutritional produce we have on offer.


Organic garden salad. 3’00€
Escalivada with anchovies. 6’00€
Cream of pumpkin soup. 3’00€
Cream of seasonal vegetables. 4’00€
Fresh tomatoe salad. 4’00€
Olives. 2’20€
Anchovies. 4’00€
Crystal bread. 1’20€
Crystal bread with tomatoe 2’00€


Hand-crafted potatoes. 3’40€
Hand-crafted patatas bravas. 3’50€
Potatoes with eggs and iberian ham. 4’00€
Five cheese platter. 4’50€
Iberian ham. 7’50€

Cold sandwiches

Iberian ham with crispy flatbread. 9’50€
Fuet pork sausage with crispy flatbread. 4’00€
Cheese and turkey ham with focaccia. 5’40€
Cheese and turkey ham small sandwich. 2’50€
Anchovies with crispy flatbread. 7’40€
Salmon, fresh cheese and avocado with focaccia. 6’50€
Fuet pork sausage small sandwich. 2’50€
Tuna small sandwich. 2’50€
Salmon and fresh cheese small sandwich. 3’50€
Iberian ham small sandwich. 3’50€

Toasted sandwiches

Plain omelette. 4’50€
Potato omelette. 5’00€
Pepito beef fillet steak sandwich. 12’00€
Beef hamburger. 7’40€
Tofu hamburger. 6’50€
Vegetable. 6’20€
Slow cooked chicken breast. 5’50€
Loin of pork with cheese. 5’00€
Sausage with beans. 6’00€
Black sausage with green asparagus 6’50€
Lamb sandwich with glass bread and 5-spice mayonnaise sauce. 7’50€


Brownie with walnuts. 2’50€
Orange sponge cake. 2’50€
Frozen Goodness ice cream, 100ml. 3’20€
Fresh cut seassonal fruit. 2’50€


Red juice. Apple and beetroot. 3’20€
Orange juice. Orange and carrot. 3’20€
Green juice. Kale, apple and lime. 3’20€
Soft Drinks. 2’00€
Water. 1’20€
Vichy Catalan. 1’50€
Tonica Schweppes. 2’00€
Bitter Kas. 2’00€
Alcohol-Free San Miguel Beer. 2’00€
San Miguel Beer. 2’00€
San Miguel Gluten-Free Beer/Ecologic Beer. 3’00€
“NEL” Craft Beer. 4’00€
Beer with lemon. 2’00€
White/Red Sangria 750ml. 9’00€
Tinto de Verano 750ml. 9’00€
Pétalos del Bierzo Bierzo 21.50€
Drac Magic Costers del Segre 12.00€
Llavors Empordà 17.40€
Juan Gil 4 meses Jumilla 2,60€ 10.60€
El Hombre Bala Madrid 20.30€
12 Volts Mallorca 22.60€
Blau Montsant 3.50€ 14.30€
Bruberry Montsant 17.40€
Brunus Montsant 5.50€ 20.50€
Orto 1/2 Criança Montsant 15.70€
Bruixola Priorat 17.40€
Camins del Priorat Priorat 20.80€
L’inconscient Priorat 4.40€ 11.90€
Martinet Bru Priorat 28.60€
Pago de Capellanes Joven Ribera del Duero 5.50€ 14.80€
Pago de Carrovejas Ribera del Duero 37.00€
Senda de Oro Ribera del Duero 15.30€
Allende Rioja 21.00€
Basagoiti Rioja 17.70€
Marqués de Murrieta Rioja 24.70€
Reserva Rioja 9.10€ 24.70€
Sierra Cantabria Selección Rioja 11.60€
Mwa Somontano 2.20€ 9.80€
Ferranti Terra Alta 16.40€
Gamberro Negre de Guarda Terra Alta 32.80€
Indià Negre Terra Alta 2.90€ 14.60€
Modernista Negre Terra Alta 2.20€ 9.80€
Dehesa de Gago Toro 15.70€
Teso La Monja Románico Toro 17.10€
La Malkerida Utiel-Requena 14.20€
Raventós d’Alella Alella 15.10€
Pétalos del Bierzo Bierzo 21.50€
Idoia Catalunya 14.70€
Heus Empordà 11.90€
Gessamí Penedès 17.10€
Vitis Penedès 12.20€
Paco y Lola Rías Baixas 4.00€ 16.40€
Lapola Ribera Sacra 20.80€
Ostatu joven Rioja 13.20€
El Perro Verde Rueda 4.50€ 17.40€
Lorenzo Cachazo Rueda 2.20€ 9.00€
Gamberro blanc Terra Alta 25.50€
Indià Blanc Terra Alta 2.90€ 16.40€
Modernista Blanc Terra Alta 2.20€ 9.80€
Els Nanos Rosat Conca de Barberà 2.90€ 11.60€
Brunus Montsant 5.50€ 20.50€
Castillo de Perelada 2’20€ 5’90€
Brut Reserva 3’00€ 8’00€
Reserva de familia 4’40€ 11’90€
Moët (Champagne) 16’50€ 44’60€

Top quality fresh produce

At Enoterra we are aware of just how important it is to eat properly, if what we seek is to lead as healthy a life as possible. We believe in the culture and essence of the Mediterranean. That is why our olive oil is the star of the show, while our wines and fresh juice accompany all our meals.