Enoterra Fast Good franchise

Enoterra is a restaurant franchise set up by the brothers Joaquín and Fran López. Heirs to a family culinary tradition, the López Brothers have established a franchise built around the Fast Good concept: fast food which is, above all, high quality at an affordable price.

Bolstered by the experience of a great group that has worked in the hotel and catering business for over 80 years, and with the gastronomic seal of approval of two Michelin Star Chef Fran López. Fusing “Haute Cuisine” and the Fast Good concept, together with top quality produce.

The franchisors must be people with an outlook on work in tune with our philosophy at Enoterra. Their professional background should be as follows:
✓ An enterprising spirit
✓ Experience of company management
✓ Leadership qualities
✓ Sufficient financial scope so as to ensure the smooth operation of the business.


The project, led by the brothers Joaquín and Fran López, is built around the offer of fast, quality, healthy, fresh food at a fair price, an answer to the needs of the society of today.

Why Enoterra

Part of Villa Retiro Group

With respect to the hotel and catering industry, the origins of this family business located in Xerta, Tierras del Ebro, date back to 1930, when the forefathers of the López brothers opened a small tavern in la Aldea, Tarragona, called Casa Secundina.

The four generations of family management have brought the project, based on dedication, professionalism and much tender care, to prosper and flourish. And not in vain has such tender loving care been lavished on the business since today it stands for prestige, excellence and haute cuisine with its luxury hotel and 1 Michelin Star restaurant, Villa Retiro and the Wine Cathedral in the Ebro Region and, in Barcelona, its 1 Michelin Star Xerta Restaurant in Hotel Ohla Eixample. In addition to its new lines of business, which go from producing wine and oil, through to the creation of a Gastronomical School, event organisation and even, its own music festival.

The techniques of haute cuisine applied to the Fast Good concept

Led by the businessman Joaquín López, Enoterra is a franchise of Fast Good Restaurants: fast but healthy food. Fast easy-going service delivers quality, healthy, fresh produce at a fair price. The restaurants also offer a takeaway service. Under the gastronomic guidance of two Michelin Star Chef Fran López, amongst the most stunning of our culinary creations, you will find our Mediterranean Essence Artisan Sandwiches, Salads, Eggs, Fruit and Vegetables, Meat and Cold Cuts, all accompanied by delicious wines and juices.

Enoterra’s philosophy is based on the essence and culture of the Mediterranean, respect for the environment and an interest in caring for one’s health.

The excellence of haute cuisine

To ensure the success of our business model we have taken our culinary techniques from the world of haute cuisine and offer competitive prices, extensive experience as restauranteurs and the support of a large corporate group. In addition, we obtain high yields, simple but effective management systems for our restaurants, teams truly committed to what they do and an advantageous position when negotiating with suppliers.

Haute cuisine fast food

The López brothers have a single goal: to create a fast but good food restaurant chain. To use culinary concepts and techniques borrowed from haute cuisine to create a chain of successful restaurants that yield financial gain, while remaining socially committed.

The Enoterra proposition

Quality produce

For our dishes, in which our olive oil is the king, we guarantee that our meat is sourced from animals that have been properly treated and fed. Our bread is authentic sourdough bread. All our vegetables are organic and our eggs come from free range hens. All the produce we use in our dishes is seasonal, thus guaranteeing its freshness. And, to accompany our food, we offer a variety of fresh fruit juices and a great selection of wines.

Interior design

All our Enoterra premises express their Mediterranean culture, not only through the fare on offer, but also through the colours and details of the decor.
Our restaurants awaken a feeling of the Mediterranean, perceived through each of the five senses: the materials used for the decor like the wood or wax, create a 100% Mediterranean space, the perfect complement to the cuisine served.

Support to the franchisor

Enoterra head offices guarantee the franchisor ongoing tracking and support of their businesses and the provision of training courses to ensure that all restaurants are successfully managed.

From the very first day, Enoterra is shoulder to shoulder with the franchiser’s business, helping with things like negotiating with suppliers, developing marketing and communication plans, staff training, and many others. The different areas covered are: communications, HR, finance, real estate, logistics, purchasing and management consultancy services.

Business model

The business model is based on:
1. The use of haute cuisine techniques.
2. Quality raw material.
3. Experience in franchise management.
4. Gastronomic guidance from the two Michelin Star Chef Fran López.
5. Specialists in the hotel and catering industry.
6. Forming part of a consolidated business group.

Enoterra franchise

Contact now Joaquim López, director of Villa Retiro Grup just by calling +34 977 45 00 03.