Enoterra Fast Good

Restaurant franchise offering fast, quality, healthy, fresh food at a fair price. And all with the gastronomic seal of approval of our two Michelin Star Chef, Fran López. Amongst the most stunning of our culinary creations, you find our Mediterranean Essence Artisan Sandwiches, Salads, Eggs, Fruit and Vegetables, Meat and Cold Cuts, all accompanied by delicious wines and juices.

Enoterra Set Meal

Salad or Patatas bravas or Cream Soup + Sandwich + Drink for just €8’90.

In the very heart of Barcelona

Villa Retiro Group opens its first Enoterra premises in Ronda Universidad no. 1, in the very heart of Barcelona. Open: 08.00 – 24.00 hrs

New Fast Good restaurant in Barcelona

Fresh eggs

To ensure the quality of our eggs, our hens are free-range and feed freely in sweet pasturelands, following a certified diet.

Nutritional bread

Our bread is made with sourdough, made from flour, water, bacterial cultures and natural yeasts. The bread we make is tasty, nutritional and easy to digest.

Organic fruit and vegetables

We farm organically to produce quality fruit and vegetables offering unique flavours and aromas.

Seasonal Produce

Enoterra FastGood uses seasonal produce in all its salads and sandwiches.